Build The Ultimate Garden Office So You Can Work From Home

More people than ever before are starting to work from home, so as you could imagine, there are a lot of people searching for garden room ideas. Working at a kitchen table, or trying to balance your laptop on your knees while you sit on the couch just isn’t going to work. When you work in your living room or at the dining table, there are going to be so many distractions, especially if you have children. For those of you who live in Sussex, we have some pretty good ideas for the best garden rooms Sussex has to offer.

To get started on building the ultimate garden office so you can work from home here are some tips:

  1. Choose Your Area
    Starting out, you will want to choose your area – the area you choose should offer natural light, and give you the best views of your garden when you’re taking a break away from the screen.
  2. The Exterior Style
    Once you have chosen your area, it’s time to think about the exterior style of your garden office. If you’re the type of person that is into modern interiors, then we recommend choosing a design with a strong architectural look. This type of look would include double doors, large windows, premium cedar cladding, and crisp lines.
  3. Positioning Your Office
    The position of your garden office will need to be considered. Windows and doors that are facing south will give you the warmth and daylight you need. However, during the hot summer months, this may cause the room to overheat, which is something you need to avoid. If you put the garden office facing this way, then you may need to build some shade into your design to keep you comfortable all year long. Depending on your window style, you may also want to consider shutters or interior blinds.
  4. The Size of Your Space
    If you plan on putting a new building in the area, you need to consider whether you’d like to use it as a multi-purpose space, or solely for an office. You may be able to include a living area where you could go when you need to take a break from your computer.
  5. Don’t Forget about the Upkeep
    You definitely don’t want to forget about the upkeep of your garden room. The materials that the garden office is made from will determine just how much maintenance will need to be done in order to keep it in good shape.


There are many garden rooms Sussex ideas out there, complete with pictures, that you could browse through to get some ideas of what you may want. In the end, make sure you choose something that you will be comfortable with, because this is where you will spend a large portion of your day. Make sure you put some thought into the area you choose, put some thought into the exterior style (some make it so that the exterior matches their home), Where you position your office, the size, and in the end, don’t forget about the upkeep.

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