How to order your garden room
Here is information explaining the full process of how to order a garden room from Garden Room Sussex
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Guide to ordering your garden room

From initial enquiry to the delivery and construction of garden office we try and simplify the process of ordering you garden rooms, lodges and summer houses.

  • Step one: From the initial enquiry we seek to understand your needs of your project. What size you have in mind for the project, what you are looking to use the room for and the plans for the build.

    Ideally, we propose a site visit to get a better feel for things and you can size out what various rooms would look and feel like in situ as sometimes with clever design you don’t have to go quite as big as you think… and we don’t want to spend your money unnecessarily.

    From there we create an initial draft images for you and proposed costs.

  • Step two: If the proposal is agreeable, we then:

    Order detailed plans and images for site and garden room, to ensure you are happy with the fine look and details of proposed build for us to avoid any surprises later.

    We book a start date into the diary and take a 25% deposit

    Agree on and order windows and doors, agree on fittings and placement of electricals

    We then start the building process, answer any ongoing questions.

  • Step 3: Build

    As standard we work with grounf screw foundation technology so the first stage is to put the foundation in place and the base to be built

    We then start the build out.

    25% is due on completion of walls and roof

    25% is due on completion of build

    25% is due on completion of decoration


On site build times are between 10- 15 working days.

To minimise disruption to your garden we put down covers and the team and both polite and tidy to make the process as pain free as possible.

Upon completion, the garden room will be thoroughly cleaned and all waste and packaging removed and once the final invoice is paid then the guarantee is handed over.

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