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Garden Offices in Sussex

The idea of working from home is ever appealing to many and with the requirement to be in the office five days a week reducing more and more people are embracing this idea of creating a room in their garden as a base for working from home. Utilizing space in your garden can be an excellent way of creating light and modern office space and help separate work from home.

When done well it can create lovely looking rooms which are both a pleasure to work in, but with a bit of though make you enjoy outdoor life more and add value to your house.

Here at garden Rooms Sussex we provide many options of construction. We focus mainly on fully insulated wooden frame building and work to building regulations to essentially build you what in all sense and purposes a wooden framed extension in your garden.

If these are built under 2.5 metres total height these buildings are ofte allows as part of Permitted development so no planning permission is required meaning projects can often be quick and reasonably inexpensive.

We can also customized buildings of various dimensions, depending on the amount of space you have on your property or your specific need and or budgets so we welcome all enquiries and will often have a solution.

Martlet build

We were approached by a client who wanted a Martlet style room to enable him to work from home.

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Martlet build

We were approached by a client who wanted a Martlet style room to enable him to work from home.

What We Did

The client installed his own lighting and electric wiring in his room. This helped him lower the installation cost of the pod. To ensure that the building got lots of light, we decided to set up a customized glazing layout out front. This maximized the amount of light that got into the building. All of our windows and doors come from a local supplier who allows us to customize exactly what you want.

We used cedar cladding at the front and sides of the building as is the popular vogue, but often recommend a Siberian Larch which comes out a bit lighter.

 A weatherproof Scandinavian oil was then applied to help protect from weathering and to give it a lovely warm and natural finish

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